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Gender relationships in women is portrayed as strong and brave, yet socially effective figures in the society. In our everyday life, females struggle to stay strong regardless of the challenges they face in the society. On the other hand, this vastly limits decision making to choices that are deemed appropriate for women and men alike due to the fact that women do not get the privilege to make major decisions in the areas they can handle well (Proulx, 2005, p. 103).

Gender issues are applied to a basic research on relationships between women and men, which is based on differences and similarities of personalities and their behavior.  There is also a focus on dynamic aspirations, roles and status of women in urban, industrial societies and developing nations. Gender issues are explained in many novels as writers feel that it is better to attract attention of many people when addressing to gender concerns through their works, for instance in the work of Annie Proulx (Proulx, 2005, p. 103) and Winterson (Winterson, 1987, p. 78-154). In these novels, there is a wide use of symbols, which portray gender issues in diverse ways.

A good example of symbolism is the use of pink raincoat in the novel Orange is Not the Only Fruit (Winterson, 1987, p. 78-154). Th story tends to give us the true picture of how the society perceives women. Right from their tender age, females are denied the right to make decisions for themselves. It is feared that, they are neither strong stable enough to decide on the course of the lives. On the contrary, young men, mostly in many of the world societies, are brought up to their strengths and responsibilities to lead the society on crucial matters entailing social and economic life. The story act as a mirror of the society as it is evident of how females have been tamed to believe of their weakness both in physical work and in decision-making. Nevertheless, some females, after realizing their position in the society such as weak and hopeless, alienation, oppression and discrimination, have developed resistance and fought for gender equality (Winterson, 1987, p. 112).

Moreover, many communities never take this resistance lightly. Overtime the society has only recognized males for its success in progress, the  males have been given the mandate to protect the community beginning from their own families, neighborhoods and the community. Therefore, women has very little or no chance in engaging in decisions concerning the running of the community on the basis that they are un experienced and rather needed protection other than giving protection. According to biblical story in novel by Winterson (Winterson, 1987, p. 88), whenever females forces themselves in the responsibilities that initially were not meant for them or refuses to bow to the idol of sexuality, that they are to be led, but not to lead, various systems of the society including the religion and council of elders impose severely punishment. Despite this being the case, there is always some hope in the absence of misgivings; strong belief and faith has contributed to many women untying from the cruel laws against them. Persistence fight awakens the society and makes it appreciate the presence of females (Winterson, 1987, p. 88). The blind eyes to the potential within females are made clear by their enduring hope; however, this is not accomplished without some sacrifice. The most courageous females are always willing to offer themselves under the intolerable injustices and amusement of the society, to see to it that females have a say on matters not only concern them but also the whole community Winterson, 1987, p. 88). 

In addition, to describe further the topic of sexuality and decision-making, we consider the symbolism of the stone used in the story. It has a dual meaning, but these two meanings are interconnected. In the firstl, it portrays a possible weapon whereas in the second meaning is that of a comforter and guider. In as much as females consistently face oppressions in the hands of the society, we cannot generalize that no one is watching. There is always a hand extended to their help. The human right activists, non-governmental organizations and other bodies aimed at eliminating social injustices on women are actively engaged in reducing the gap of sexuality on enhance social cohesion and ethnicity balance (Proulx, 2005, p. 53-103).    

One can also find the use of symbolism in the novel Brokeback Mountain (Proulx, 2005, p. 53-103). The mountain represented the fragments remains of emotions, acts and thoughts. This reminds us that women are as human as any other male. The male dominated society tends to take females as insensitive folks; they presume women are comfortable in their positions while in fact they are fighting for their liberation. (Proulx, 2005, p. 96). The relationship between men and women have to be changed. Females yearn for transformed society where there input could be recognized and appreciated.

According to the novel, the crest of Brokeback Mountain that thrusts in the sky represents the longing to rise higher and run away from the life that one had. This demonstrates the longing for change; in order for everyone to have a satisfactory life, there is need to give equal concern and attention. Females desire a new life in which they can be given priority and accountability for their support as they abandon the traditional oppressive lifestyles. On the other hand, the flatland of Wyoming stands for everything, which is lifeless and hopeless (Proulx, 2005, p. 55-103). Again, this shows, the ebbing away of female effort in pursuit of gender equality as they are unable to make sustainable decisions for themselves.

The word plain is used here four times. Firstly, the narrator gives a description on how to be in a unique position, which is at the top of the Mountain, while the plain is the normal environment for the occurrence of ordinary affairs (Proulx, 2005, p. 55-103). This tries to show the consequence of sexuality imbalance, where females have no choice other than leading an ordinary life.

In conclusion, it is evidenced from the novels that female folks have for a long time struggled to become recognized in the society and get included in major decision making regarding matters that face the society in general. They need to be empowered and strengthened and appreciated. In these two novels, the readers can see the strength of women as it is portrayed in the Orange Is Not the Only Fruit, and the wealthy bride in the novel Brokeback (Proulx, 2005, p. 55-103).

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