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Free essays

Children with ADHD Behavior Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

ADHD forms one of the most prevalent brain disorders, with an approximated global prevalence of 6-8 percent among individuals aged below 18 years.


Walmart Ethical Dilemma: the Death of More Than 110 Workers

This paper analyzes the ethical dilemma that Walmart faced when one of its production lines in Bangladesh caught fire resulting in the death of workers. The paper will also explore the better ways of solving this issue, and my actions in case I were in the company’s decision-making body.


Emirates Airlines Company IT strategic Plan

Proposed strategic plan ensures efficiency in management of the Emirates Airlines company due to fast and reliable communication within the company itself and with the clientele.


Kalleberg's Different Aspects of Military Job Quality

National armed forces play an important role in societies. In order to understand the classification of the job according to Kalleberg’s criteria, the description of the job is presented.


Viruses and Viral Processes Biomedical Scientists Critical Thinking

The current paper seeks to illustrate that there exists a relationship between people’s beliefs on viruses and viral processes, and critical thinkers have a role to play towards such beliefs.


Role Chinese Women in the Society

Chinese women in the society face a lot of challenges in different spheres of life including politics, social sphere and education and they do not have equal chances to men in terms of resources or available openings.