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Educational Background and Experience

I studied in a high school in Poland then proceeded to a college in Chicago where I earned my association degree majoring in natural science. At high school, some of my favorite subjects included Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Why I Am Interested in Pursuing Radiology Technology

Since I have been introduced to radiology by our biology teacher when I was in high school, I am having a great interest and passion to study radiology because of the marvelous concepts such as imaging and topology that I have learnt. In my opinion, I believe that radiology technology would give physicians an alternative perspective on treating human diseases such as tumors, other than conducting surgeries. One of the main reasons why I am interested in pursuing radiology technology is because it will enable to gain adequate understanding on how to effectively image parts of the human body for diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect humankind, such as tumors and bone fractures. I am interested in radiology technology because it combines human concern or compassion with knowledge and technology to assist in saving lives of people. I suppose that pursuing radiology technology will enable me to provide invaluable assistance in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases. Thus, I will be a part of the team of professional healthcare workers who are committed to saving lives of people. I am certain that pursuing radiology technology would enable me to become a part of this vital team of healthcare providers committed to providing high quality healthcare services to patients.

Secondly, radiology technology would also enable me in having direct contact with patients hence I will be able to fully understand and examine their health problems. This will assist me in finding long-lasting solutions to the health problems faced by many people. I also believe that there is an increasing need for highly qualified radiologic technologists because of the rapid increase in the aging population.

Thirdly, I am highly enthralled by the use of technologically advanced equipments in diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. The use of such equipments would assist in accurate diagnosis of diseases. In my view, radiology technology has been continuously evolving, growing and expanding. Thus, it would provide a good opportunity for career growth and development in the healthcare industry.

Reasons for Pursing Radiology Technology in Concordia University Wisconsin

There are a number of reasons why I wish to study radiology technology in Concordia University Wisconsin. First and foremost, the Radiologic Technology Program in Concordia University Wisconsin provides students with a strong education in liberal arts. Good results are attained by creating a learning environment that is conducive for studies and learning. The program also adequately prepares students for their future careers by exposing them to hospital settings. The high job placement rate proves this. Thus, I deem the radiologic technology program at Concordia University as the most suitable for students who want to gain high quality training in radiology technology.

Secondly, the Radiologic Technology Program in Concordia University Wisconsin also has a small number of students of, averagely, twenty five to thirty students per class. In my view, this result into high faculty to student ratio, hence promotes proper interaction between students and faculty members, because students can easily contact their lecturers and tutors. High faculty to student ratio also enables the faculty members to adequately meet the unique needs of each and every student.

Thirdly, the Radiologic Technology Program in Concordia University Wisconsin also has four major areas of specialization which includes Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, clinical and didactic continuation in a hospital setting, and Biology, thus  students can choose their areas of interest to specialize. This provides students with a variety of options and allows them to specialize in areas of their preferences and interests.

Fourthly, the Radiologic Technology Program in Concordia University Wisconsin has received accreditation by the Join Review Committee on Education Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) thus making it a reliable and internationally recognized degree program. Consequently it enables students who have completed their studies at the university to be eligible for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination in radiology. Moreover, graduates of the program can also easily find jobs.

Fifthly, the major entry courses or subjects that students who want to enroll for the program are required to finish in their secondary education, matches with the subjects that I did while in high school. These courses include Mathematics, Physics, Physiology and Anatomy. Therefore, I will easily fit into the program.

In addition, the Radiologic Technology Program at Concordia University Wisconsin provides its students with travel opportunities that allow them to study abroad. In my view, this would enable me to learn about radiologic technology from an international perspective. I would also be able to share skills, knowledge and experiences with students from other parts of the world.

Last but not least, Concordia University Wisconsin has well equipped laboratories and machines for training students of radiology technology. This prepares students on how to use technologically advanced medical equipments used by radiologic technologists in the healthcare industry. Thus, I prefer Concordia University to other universities and colleges because of the high training and good learning opportunities the university provides to its students.

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