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Self-Reflection on the Cognitive Development of Infants and Young Children Course

In my opinion, this course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding on the cognitive development of infants and young children which is vital for best practices in the classroom as well as for the teaching profession as a whole. The course provides learners with a suitable foundation for classroom engagement and teaching techniques. It also helps potential teachers comprehend fully the perception, thinking and understanding of young children and how children use such skills in solving various problems that they may face in life. For example, comprehending language development among young children enables teachers to utilize various communication skills effectively hence facilitating best teaching practices in the classroom. The course also highlights major principles of cognitive development of infants and young children such as the impact of the environment and genetics in learning abilities among children. An understanding of these principles is fundamental for best practices in the classroom.

For my part, the various concepts of cognitive development of infants and young children that I learnt in this course have improved my ability to identify the learning needs and abilities of children effectively. For example, an understanding of how children think enables a teacher to identify and observe unique capabilities of young children such as intellectual inabilities and be able to develop ways of meeting such needs which may require special attention. Similarly, the teacher may engage children in extracurricular activities outside the classroom to influence their learning capabilities and conducts. For example, outdoor games can be sued to influence memory or remembering ability of children. An understanding of how children think also enables teachers to instigate healthy interactions and relations with young children. This provides essential emotional, social and physical support that is vital for the cognitive development and learning among and young children.

In my opinion, I feel that I have not been adequately utilizing an understanding of cognitive development in my teaching effectively. This is because of the exceptional teaching techniques and skills that have been revealed and exposed during this course. However, I guarantee that I will star fully utilizing my comprehensive understanding on cognitive development among infants and young children and other concepts that I have learnt in this course during own teachings.

I would assert that the course has perked up and advanced my teaching abilities and skills. I have new techniques of dealing with a wide range of students who may have varying learning needs and capabilities. I would also assert that this is a very important course which should be taught mandatorily to all potential teachers because it would equip them exceptional techniques and skills for teaching.

In my opinion, it has become difficult to identify gaps in my knowledge mainly because I have learnt a lot during the course. I feel that my knowledge and understanding of cognitive development among infants and young children has largely expanded. In addition, I have also expanded my teaching skills and capabilities. I feel highly confident about my abilities to teach and deal with young children because of the new concepts that I have learnt during the course. For instance, I have learnt how teachers can develop mutually beneficial relationships with young children in order to influence their thinking, learning capabilities and behaviors. Teaching young children has become more interesting and enjoyable because of improved understanding of their cognitive development, particularly their perception and thinking. I hope that my knowledge and understanding and teaching skills would increase and develop further in the coming semesters as I advance with the course.

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