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Customer Interviewed: A Student

The opinion is given by a student who is male, has a car and who has to go to the university five days a week. For a student who has a car, it is very important to find a place to park as close to the university as possible. This is not always possible to make in the shortest period of time and leads to several problems. The most convenient place to park for the student is Boylston Street. In such a big city with a great number of cars, it is important to have a better parking experience. The idea of making a Smartphone application seems to be necessity for such category of Boston citizens as students. This program will help people find an available place for parking in the shortest period of time and will show the shortest way to find it. This application is the one needed the most in the question of solving the problem with finding a free space to park a car.

If the product is available now the student would like to download and use it immediately because it takes him about 20 minutes every day when he comes to the university to find a free parking spot. This fact leads to a necessity to drive earlier to have more additional time for that.

This application is one of the best program products that can be recommended to close friends and relatives and other people the person knows. This product can make life easier by reducing the time people spend for searching a free place to park their car. Moreover, this application will reduce the amount of time while driving in the city, thus, reducing the exhaust gas emission that cause environmental problems.

The most favorable points about this application include convenience of usage, its innovative character, availability and affordable price. Moreover, it is very time-saving, ecologically friendly and does a lot of good to people and the environment in general. If to speak about the price, the most affordable price for every time the program helps find the free place will be 99 cents. It is not very expensive and will lead to this technology being spread among the category of users that have their own cars but are limited in their income like students.

The category of students usually have part time jobs and have large loans for their study programs, but the amount of 1 dollar is not significant since they will be able to find a free parking spot quickly.

It is impossible to find the reasons against this application because it is convenient and cheap and does a lot of help to its users. It has good characteristics and no points against. One thing that is questionable is the price that would be set for this application. Though if the manager of this application will give the arguments that determine the high price of it the program, it will be considered one of the best solutions ever invented to help people find places to park their cars and save a lot of time doing that.

The importance of this invention can be proved by several arguments. Boston is one of the busiest cities caused by the amount of people who live there and own a car. The problem of finding a parking spot within the shortest period of time is vivid and requires the solution for a long time. Moreover, this program is extremely needed judging by the amount of times the person is in search of a parking place during the day. The average amount of times a student has to search for a parking spot during the day is about 5 to 10 times a day. This is a significant amount of time needed to find a place if to sum it all. The most likable feature of the given application by a student is convenience, necessity and easiness of the program. The suggestion for YouPark is that the program covers all the city starting from the central part and including all the busiest segments of Boston.

Customer Interviewed: A Doctor

An interviewee is a doctor who is a specialist at a city hospital. The doctor is male, and he is 45. He has a car and has a significant problem with finding a place to park his car during the busiest days when the parking lot of a hospital is too busy. However, according to the interview he has his reserved parking space and he does not have a problem of finding a place to park his car when he comes to work.

He experiences greater problems when he goes somewhere after his working day and needs to find a parking space in the city center. This situation is quite problematic for him during the time when almost all employees are back from their work and go out to have rest or to eat out in the city center. Most of the places for rest have their own parking lots but they are full during the busiest times. Thus, the doctor needs to search for a free space to leave his car in the street. This procedure takes some time that can reach up to 15 or 25 minutes during the weekdays and up to half an hour on the weekends.

The doctor's suggestion includes Newbury Street to be the first included to the list of places that will be covered with the YouPark application. The doctor states that he has a good experience in finding a place to park his car, but it would be much easier to do that with a program that shows the shortest way to a free place.

The idea seems to be reasonable and innovative for using the software model and special sensors that will monitor free spaces and analyze the distance between the free space in both directions to the destination spot and to the driver. This method will make it possible to show a driver the shortest way to the parking spot that will be the closest to the place he needs to visit.

If the product becomes available for the customers right now the doctor would like to have it for a number of reasons. First, the program is convenient, and it will save him a significant amount of time. Doctor also mentions that time is the major factor that will make him buy this product and he is ready to pay more than 2 dollars every time the program shows him the best place to park. This program will be definitely the one he would recommend to his close friends and relatives. The application helps to save a lot of time, and this factor is of the leading importance to the doctor because he knows it not from hearsay how important it can be sometimes and it can even cost somebody a life.

The application is essentially needed on the weekends when all the amusement centers are filled with people, and there is no free space to leave a car. A doctor is not willing to use public transportation as it does not seem practical if to go out and have a late dinner and decide what time to come back.

The doctor states that he needs to search for a place to park his car 5 to 7 times a day during the weekdays and about the same or higher number of times on the weekends. The application seems to be very convenient and realizable as it will be effectively used by a significant number of people who live in Boston. He also mentions that it would be the best if the program can be applied to the GPS navigation systems for the greater convenience. YouPark will be an important solution to the problem of the city that has a problem with the amount of cars and people who own cars.

Customer Interviewed: An Employee

The interviewee is an employee of one of Boston banks. He is a young specialist, aged 27, and he has no car. His thoughts about the application are positive, and he gives several ideas about it.

The main fact is that he has no car determines his decision of not buying it if it becomes available now. He admits the convenience of using such application because it will make riding for cyclists safer and make it easier for the drivers to park their cars as soon as they need to do that and within the closest proximity to the place they intended to go.

As for the better parking experience, the interviewee does not need that because he can always find a good place to park his bicycle close to his bank. Moreover, he thinks that garages and expensive parking lots are more preferable than parking in the street for the reason of road safety.

According to him, it is more convenient to ride in the street that is free of the parked cars. The next option is that specialized parking spaces are expensive and the application would save a lot of money. He agrees that this software is an essential tool for those who have cars and need to find the place to leave their car as soon as possible. The employee mentioned that the busiest road that should be applied to this application is Boylston Street.

He mentions that he would recommend this application to his relatives and friends who have cars as they experience a lot of problems with finding parking space in the shortest amount of time and not pay 10 dollars for half an hour parking in a mall garage.

The most interesting and useful thing about this Smartphone application is its convenience and availability. In case the product becomes available now he would not use it for his personal purposes but would recommend it to his close friends. He mentions that in the evening when they go out and to eat out it is a huge problem for them to find a good place to leave their car. The employee mentions that he does not need this application because he does not have a car but he plans to buy it in the future and for that time he considers the application will be of a significant help for saving time when looking for a parking spot.

The program model of YouPark is very important for those who have cars and face the problem of finding a free space to park their car every day. The idea is innovative and has no equal solutions that can be competitive to it. The development of such software can be of a great significance to the city filled with thousands of cars and will make the life easier for those who need to find a good parking space and not to pay a lot of money for leaving their car in mall/hotel garages.

The suggestion about the YouPark will include that the application can be applied as for the Smart phones and for the GPS systems to make it more convenient and economize time and money. The employee suggests that he would pay about 2 dollars every time he needs to find a place to park his car and it is not expensive for such help. The time is more valuable and that is why it is worth paying about 10 dollars per day leaving the car in the perfect place and saving about two hours every day. The YouPark application will be of an essential help in the future.

Customer Interviewed: A Businessman

The interview was given by a 50 years old male with current occupation as a business person. He has a car and leads a hotel business in the center of Boston. He would like to have more parking spots when he goes to the city center. The most beneficial feature of this application is its convenience and availability. He would use the product if it was available now but would not like to inform others about it since the business he leads has a huge amount of income from payments for parking spaces in his hotel's parking garage. The payment per one hour is 10 dollars and it is higher for the longer period of time. The application is very timesaving and helping from his point of view.

He states that Boylston road would be the first place where this application is applied. The best feature of this application is its time saving characteristics and convenience of usage. The interviewee provided information regarding the payment that he is ready to spend for using this application and it reaches up to 3 dollars per time. An average amount of times he needs to find a free parking space during a day is 3-5 times. This means that every time he spends more than 15 or 20 minutes what makes one hour or even more time spent in vain searching for a free space to leave the car.

He mentioned several features that he likes the most about the existing ways to avoid spending time when searching for a free space. The convenience of usage of expensive garage spaces is out of the question because there is no need to spend incredible amounts of time and all you need to do is to drive in, leave the car, pay and not to be worried about the safety of the car and you can be sure that every time there is a need of free spot it is available in a mall or hotel garage. The costs of this way of parking are not significant to a business person. He does not see the advantages of public transportation but ecological significance. The amount of cars that are in Boston is huge what causes environmental problems and issues of danger to people's health.

The most likable features of this application from his point of view include convenience of usage, availability and innovative technology. There are no other applications that make it easier to find a good parking space to save money spend on expensive parking solutions.

The reasons why he does not need this application include the fact that he can always use expensive parking lots and mall garages. The problem of finding a free place to leave the car is not very important to him as he spends not that much time driving a car around the city.

The suggestion for YouPark includes the spread of the area of implementation over the main roads and in the busiest places in the city center. The major importance should be directed to such places like restaurants, cinemas and other amusement centers that are popular among the city population. It is important to make this application cheaper to make it available for everybody who has cars.

The program is important for its convenience, cheap usage and time saving characteristics. Moreover, it leads to the improved city environment and will reduce the gas emissions from cars that are in search of a free spot. From his point of view, driving will become safer and more convenient with use of a YouPark system. The program can be suggested to be promoted by the city government and to have additional help in its realization in the streets of Boston. Most of the city governors would support the idea of saving time and money and making an additional step to the politics of environmental protection.

Customer Interviewed: A Restaurant Manager

The interview was given by a restaurant manager in the center of Boston. The interviewee is a professional who is 35 years old, female and has a car. According to the information given by this interviewee she thinks that YouPark is a perfect idea to develop and use within the city of Boston. The main arguments for this are both time and money. He states that an average cost for a parking place in a hotel or mall garage is about 10 dollars per hour.

The program YouPark makes it possible to pay even 3 dollars for a hint at a parking place and make it easier and faster to park a car and have more time for personal needs. She states that the application is convenient and simple. The sensors that are meant to be used in this invention are quite a problematic to apply from her point of view, making this software model not so expensive on the stage of development.

The restaurant manager also mentions that she would use the program as soon as it is available for the customers on the market of software programs. What she likes the most about this application is that it will help her save more money and time when parking her car. She also mentions that for the restaurant where she works it will be of an essential help because the program will help the clients of the restaurant not to be worried about their chances to find a free spot to park their car and will come to eat out here more often.

She also mentions the fact that this program can be recommended to the customers of her restaurant with an aim of promotion it making the strongest argument on saving the customers time to find a free spot for their car in order to have dinner at the restaurant and not to pay unreasonable money for mall/hotel garages.

The effectiveness of this application is that there will be less cars in the streets because all the drivers would be able to find a spot to stop as soon as possible and there would be less car accidents caused by cars parked in wrong places. The fines that are established for parking in a wrong place would be reduced if the application would also include all the proper parking places.

A suggestion to the program developers will be the idea of changing the sensors for GPS and satellite monitoring for free places what would save costs spent on the material free and busy spots detectors.

The application is necessary for its innovative character and its usefulness for people who own cars and have to drive a lot around the city. The application can be recommended to all the car users to economize their time and money to find a convenient place to leave their car and not to have a 15 or 20 minute walk after that to the place the driver has to go.

The manager also points out that this application is not only convenient but it will also develop more parking experience and it is strongly recommended to young car owners who have significant problems with finding a good place to leave their car.

The manager also states that this Smartphone application would be an essential part of her everyday life while she has a car. The effectiveness of it will be proved during the time of its usage by people. She is sure that YouPark is the future of Boston roads and Newbury Street is the first on the list to be included into the software.

A restaurant manager mentions that if the program were available now this would be the first application she would purchase and recommend to her relatives and friends.

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