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Family is one of the ways which Americans use in learning and understanding politics; the fellowship which is also known as the family is one of the American most politically well-connected ministries. Unity of a society depends greatly on the family values. Politically, family values are seen as the unity factors in the United States. When students learn about the family factor, they understand the need to embrace each and every member of the society regardless of their backgrounds. The American Family Association is purposively invented to promote citizens’ morality and traditional family values (Lenczowski, 1990).

In education, political science studies political processes, government, public policies, political systems, and political behaviour. Such educational courses are put in place so as to ensure children or the society learns and understands more about politics in the United States of America. Political scientists apply both humanistic and scientific methodologies, knowledge, and resources/tools in order to understand and examine the political process, dynamics, and systems all over the world. Education also instills critical and creative thinking in the students. This enables citizens to acquire the ideology and the ways how to solve political problems. Popular cultures are always a lifestyle of specific communities. The popular cultures are now found all over the world. This is almost everything that is surrounding us in the society. Some of them include films, magazines, and mobile phones. These are being used in order to learn and understand politics in America. There are photographs, short messages, social sites that are politically oriented to make sure that the citizens understand or learn politics easily (Lenczowski, 1990).

Environmental education increases awareness about the environment and the political effect on the environment or how it benefits the environment. More than 54% of the American adults use the media for political purposes. The media including internet currently plays a major role in political education of the Americans. They use media as their source of r political information and this makes them learn more about politics (Patricia et al, 1971).

Ill-Informed about Public Affairs

Ill-information about the public affair can come as a result of ignorance. As compared to the Europeans, Americans are vastly inferior to the knowledge of world’s geography. A research done by the National Election Studies (NSE) found out that a small percentage of Americans knows too much about politics; about 60 percents knows little while the remaining knows almost nothing regarding politics. A tiny percent can name the three branches of government. The ignorance is majorly a result of lack of schooling (Hess, 1996).

People are very busy with getting the day pass, and they have no time to read news reports to learn about the policy-making process. There is low knowledge on basic civic. This means that even though the news is on the media, gazettes, and all other sources which makes it available to the people. There is a smaller percentage which will have just a mere look at it. They miss a lot of information as a result of this (Patricia et al, 1971).

The mis-information age is also a factor that contributes to this. Media is biased in reporting news as they only tell of what people want to hear. They give only what pleases the minority who are in the ruling society. Even in the internet, the political sites give varied information; this is a clear picture that media is distorting information to suit other peoples’ interests. Many lies are passed around as a result of this (Robert et al, 1982).

Education is another factor. The information taught at schools is tampered with and is biased in line of politics. People, therefore, only perceive information that they feel is comfortable and is of benefit to them. The family is also affected by these happenings. There is no truth that can be used anywhere. This has made politics become boring to quite a number of people to an extent that they do not want to deal with it (Robert et al, 1982).

The Ways to Change the Situation

Citizens of the United States of America can formulate a conservation time that they can utilize to discuss issues. These should be issues of development and public affairs protection. They should also be in a position to set rules that can be used by their authorities to rule them. This public dialogue infrastructure can lead to the generation of democracy that will work for them. This will help them in reducing the rates of rulers doing things in their own way. These decisions should also be wise (Michael, 2007).

Some books on citizen deliberation and dialogue should be made available to ensure that citizens can read them and be well conversant with the public affairs. This can also be done by creating awareness through workshops and seminars. Citizens should be awarded for attending such in order for them to be motivated. The stakeholders should also dialogue on the future issues and also holistic decision making (Michael, 2007).

Scenario and vision work should be used to explore all possible future possibilities to help them in getting ready for whatever comes their way. Vision helps in seeing clearly what kind of future one is going to have. The citizens should have a common vision to help them in taking action. There should also be resources for studying public affairs (Hess, 1996).


American democracy is shaken seriously. There is no transparency when it comes to public affairs and decision-making processes. The few rich and politically knowledgeable are the ones who are benefiting when it comes to knowledge of the public affairs. This means that the majority do not care about what will happen in the near future or even later on. From the resolution above, the American public affair can be protected before it deteriorates.

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