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This paper covers the audit of the existing digital marketing strategy while at the same time explaining a new digital marketing plan to the company for the best digital marketing strategy. In this case, the paper looks deeper into social network marketing that involves marketing through the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The paper also presents evaluation procedures of the process as well as the benefits of the entire evaluation process. Moreover, the paper gives some recommendations of the new digital marketing strategy that should be presented to the Marketing Director for scrutiny.


AWEAR is a renowned company operating in clothing, textile as well as in fashion industry. In other words, the company does the designs for the clothes as well as deals with various fashion lines that have hit the market over the recent times. The company has established many retail and wholesale shops in Ireland. Recently, it has been in a position to open 31 stores that are based in Ireland. The stores deal with diversified clotheslines that include the most popular fashions in the world. Some of the top selling collections from the company include the Jersey Girl, Buckle Up as well as Going Out. These are the most demanded collections in Ireland. The company has also been in a position to utilize a digital marketing system that assists greatly in the marketing operation.

This paper will dwell mostly on the plan for a new digital marketing program that would play a great part in maintaining the company remains ahead of other competitors in the industry. Due to innovations in the technological world, the market has boomed with new digital marketing strategies that have enabled companies to remain ahead of the others in the industry. This calls for the need of AWEAR to adopt a new digital marketing plan. The new system of digital marketing through social media would play a major role in ensuring that the company boosts the sales as well as the number of clients while at the same time increasing the number of users of the website to the company. In other words, implementation of the new digital marketing strategy will raise the profitability as well as the revenues for the company, hence, enabling it to remain above all the other competitors in the industry.

Audit of the Existing Digital Marketing Strategy

AWEAR has made amicable improvements in the marketing department that have played a great part to its performance in the industry. This indicates that it has been in a position to keep in line with the technological advancements in the industry.The company recently came up with video marketing which can be accessed through the company's website. In this case, the customers can log in the website and order their collections through the video marketing program. This has enabled an increased market share for the company since it has been able to meet the customers' demands right from their homes. Moreover, the company introduced the video marketing through a TV channel that it owns. In this case, the clients can make orders and view new collections as well as the available collections in the market. This was a great improvement from the video marketing using the website since the company can now reach to a greater audience than before as most of the people get access through the TV channel than through the website. The approach was adopted after a complete examination of the market or rather studying of the market pattern for the women who acquire the collections from the company. The company discovered that women who bought the collections from the company value the visuals more than the words while shopping. Women would rather see what they are buying in order to make choices according to their tastes and preferences. The video marketing program is conducted through the Ambliance platform.

In the recent years, the company has been experiencing high peak profits that have made it develop several projects as well as holding more customers than it did before. After the introduction of the first digital marketing strategy, the sales of the clothes collections were raised by 30 percent. This brought great improvement of the previous sales, hence, the influence of the digital marketing strategy was felt greatly. Moreover, an increase of people accessing the website of the company was noted. In this case, the website experienced traffic when video marketing was introduced in the company and new clients started making orders. This further boosted the revenues of the company. The company also made heavy advertisements on its website as well as on the TV channel. This further increased the brand awareness of the products to the customers. The website could experience many commendable comments on the brands. In other words, the company became renowned out of its digital marketing program. The company was also in a position to reach to the customers who would otherwise need visual content of the collections before they make decisions on the brand they wish to buy. The customers included the women who would wish to purchase the collections after viewing them through the videos. It is clear that in marketing; most of the customers would go for their tastes and preferences while making choices on the types of the products they require to purchase. AWEAR Company had this in mind when they set up the digital marketing program through video marketing where all collections are displayed for scrutiny of the customers.

The New Digital Marketing Plan

Due to the ever-changing technology in the world, it is necessary to keep the company in line with any advancement in technology that would enable it to operate above the competitors in the industry. Therefore, this calls for a newer digital marketing strategy for the company. It is clear that the company has made major developments that have seen it acquire a large market share for its brand. Introduction of digital marketing program through the website as well as through the TV channel has enabled the company to make major improvements through drawing new customers, hence, increasing the revenues per fiscal period. In this regard, Ireland has been the major market source for the company.

Although the existing digital marketing strategy has been really successful for the company, there is the need to acquire a newer strategy as stipulated by this plan in order to increase the sales of the company to higher levels as well as acquire even more customers than the current times. This can only be achieved through implementation of a new digital plan. Recently, the social media has boomed the market with many people interacting via social networks. A few years ago, Zuckerberg introduced Facebook into the social media that has enabled many people around the world relate to each other making the entire world a global village. The Facebook company has made great revenues from the interactions with many companies posting their advertisements in the social media. Most of people also make orders through the social media since the companies can post their profiles on the social networks. The company should consider marketing the products through the social media, especially if its target customers are young and middle-aged people. In this case, the brands should be presented in the right manner in order to catch the eyes of the clients. The company profile should also be well updated to ensure the customers develop confidence in the collections. In this case, the company should also be in a position to develop the fashion blog to make it appear as attractive as possible. Proper communication channels with the customers through the social media should be up to date in order to ensure that the customers speak about their tastes and preferences to the company's marketing department. The company should also be in a position to issue quick replies to the customers in order to enhance the customers are comfortable with the collections from the company. Communication with the customers will remain a key element for the companies that aim to remain on the top in the market. All the customers' issues should be addressed at the earliest times possible to avoid losing customers who may be dissatisfied by the collections that are not of their tastes and preferences.

Moreover, it is clear from the latest world trends, that the businesses are widely shifting from the analog to the digital operations. People are at a point of consuming more from the digital programs on the daily basis starting from their mobile phones, laptops as well as from the desktop computers. Therefore, it presents an opportunity for AWEAR to open new blogs in the social media where it can post advertisements for its products. The company would be at a point of realizing many benefits from the new digital marketing plan. The company will realize that using the new digital marketing is more versatile as well as faster and practical. The new digital marketing comes with much potential to both the company and to the consumers. The company can market the products through several social media such as Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn among others. In this case, the new digital marketing will enhance easier tracking of the results from the clients since it enables to track the topmost comments on the company's wall as well as make orders through the set links.

Objectives of the New Digital Marketing Plan

The new plan for digital marketing in the company carries major benefits that would enhance high performance in the company. The company's sales are likely to rise by 15 percent in the first six months of implementation of the plan. The company will experience a high boost of sales of the collections, hence, making higher profits than those made from the previous digital marketing programs or other strategies. The increase in sales will be tracked from the beginning of the implementation of the program with the acquaintance of new clients for the brands.

Moreover, the company should increase the degree of the brand awareness in the market. This should be done through the new digital marketing plan that would enhance that all the customers from different countries where the company operates are aware of the brands of the company. It is simpler to create awareness through the social media since the brands will bear different responses from different people according to their tastes and preferences. As estimated the new digital plan in marketing will also boost the number of the Facebook as well as Twitter users by 18 percent. In this case, the company will be able to acquire more clients through marketing in the social media than it did through video marketing. 18 per cent increase illustrates a big boost to the company's revenues since those following the company through the social media networks will acquire extra products from the company. This will only be possible through proper updates of the blogs as well as profiles on the company's walls and clear display of the products and brands. Replying to the comments posted by the clients would play a big role in enhancing that the customers are confident with the brands, hence, attracting more and more followers to the company in the social media.

In addition, the company should also be in a position of increasing the traffic of the e-commerce website. With time, the website should gain more clients. Facebook and Twitter networks have links to companies' websites where the members can log in using their passwords and identities. Facebook links to most websites which enables Facebook users to log into other companies and access the information. Moreover, the company is also able to view the user's information from the website. AWEAR Company should utilize this program from the social media to gain as many users as possible to its website in the e-commerce. The company should post advertisements that would lead the clients to create accounts using their social media information in order to have the full scope of the company's brands. Fulfilment of all these conditions would lead to a mass of clients who log into the website to enquire about the collections or else to make orders as per their tastes and preferences.

The Strategy

From researches, the social media marketing has become the most successful method of marketing in China. First, marketing through the social media has become infinitely more affordable as compared to the traditional offline marketing channels. Rather than having to conduct the expensive research on the customers, the customer comments can easily be viewed from the walls of the company on the social media. In this case, most companies are flooding the social media networks with their product and service advertisements that are easier to go through the social media than other technological channels. Due to the befits that come with the social media marketing, AWEAR Company should be committed to implement the plan in order to gain more customers from the countries it operates as well as increase the number of sales per fiscal year. Therefore, the company can achieve a boost in sales as well as increased number of customers through several strategies. The company should ensure that it uploads viral adverts on its walls as well as blogs on the social media and enhance that they are quite eye-catching. The more attractive the walls and the blogs of the company, the higher the chances of a client to open the profile and review the products and services.

Moreover, the number of clients that will view the profiles per day will increase by a big deal since they would pass the information through the social media. In this case, it is important to design the website in a way that the users can invite their friends from social media to view the products of AWEAR. Most of the companies have made great achievements in customer increments through the social media since they have also been able to invite their friends who may be online at the time of access. This can be made automatic such that the client only needs to confirm whether to invite their friends or not. Facebook accounts will provide videos, photos as well as longer descriptions for the products of the company. The videos should to illustrate the whole product collections as well as the application of the entire product. Facebook can also be linked to Twitter in that the clients viewing the products from one account can also access the other account from a different social media network. This would enhance a diversified line of clients. Therefore, social networks would work greatly to enhance the real-time as well as bringing more customers to the company. The platforms such as Linked In would play a great role in enhancing that a better environment for the company is created as well as enhancing that the clients connect online with the company's marketers. Since AWEAR Company seems to recognize the need for information, originality as well as accessibility of its products, it is important to employ well-updated blogs in order to popularize their products as well as make them appear unique from those of other companies in the industry. This would enhance that they reach to the customers that are mostly privy to the social media. Moreover, blogs enable the company to offer longer descriptions for the products of the company that include the reasoning as well as the usage of the collections.

In addition, the company can do posts of the latest clothing such as the Navy Cutwork Tiered Dress as well as the Black Cut Out Front Julia Dress on the social media. The new clothing will attract the attention of more users of the social media since they will be interested to note the company that deals with such renowned product lines. In this case, they will access the information of the company as t the product it provides as well as the offers it gives. It will also be necessary for AWEAR Company to post the offers it provides to the clients such as discounts in order to encourage the latter to make orders with an assurance that they will be at a position to acquire them at the most affordable prices.Providing the information of the newer clothing such as the ones mentioned above will be more eye-catching than posting the old collections that the clients are already aware. Through the social media, the company can have various communications and interactions with the clients as they try to enquire about the new products posted on the company's wall. Personal interactions with the client instil the loyalty feeling into the clients or else the customers as well as the potential customers who happen to e visiting the company's wall in the social media. Therefore, the web sites should include vast information on the clothes and brands offered by AWEAR as well as provide the opportunities for the customers to repost and retweet on the social network.

Moreover, the discussions among the fans will play a great part in expanding the awareness of the brands. Proper interactions through the blog should be enhanced to enable the clients to interact with each other in the quickest way possible. This will enhance the brand awareness by the clients as well as attracting new customers to acquire products from AWEAR. Through discussions, the customers will be in a position to air their views and suggestions about the products and the company marketers should address the issues as fast as possible to make sure that all the clients are comfortable with what it offers in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the posts from other clients are visible to other clients so that they can make their judgments from the posts as well as make their own comments.The comments should be scrutinized by the marketing team and proper replies offered at the quickest time possible. This will enable the customers to make the decision on whether to order the product or not. Therefore, real-time transactions will be possible through the discussions among the clients through the social media.

AWEAR Company should also consider hiring qualified bloggers who would design the best blogs for the company that are in line with the requirements of the company marketers. The bloggers should design the blogs in a way that the clients can make quick access as well as post comments and orders. Hiring poor bloggers would lead to huge losses through losses of clients since they will not be at a position of accessing the social media that is otherwise designed for them as a way of marketing the brands of AWEAR Company. Digital marketing strategies require qualified personnel who are well aware of the entire operating system. In this case, the bloggers should be examined to ensure that they design attractive blogs and easily accessible for the clients. They should design the blogs in such a way that the information brought forth in the blog repeats itself in order to instill attractiveness to the clients.

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