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The origin of life has been of interest to mankind for a long time. It attracts the attention of scientists from different countries and disciplines. Over the past decades, many scientists have extensively studied the possibility of various theories of human existence. Until recently, there was only one theory that is called evolutionary theory. In fact, among others there are two more the most popular approaches to the problem of human existence. Talking about evolutionary theory, it suggests that man evolved from apes through the gradual modification under the influence of external factors and natural selection. Evolutionary theory has an extensive range of incontrovertible evidence, including paleontological, archaeological, biological, genetic, cultural, psychological, and other factors. However, many of them can be interpreted ambiguously, allowing opponents of this theory to challenge it.

The second theory is known as the theory of creation that states that human beings were created by God or divine power out of nothing or from a non-biological material. The most widely known is the version of the Bible, according to which the first human beings Adam and Eve were made of clay. A variation of the creation theory can be considered as a myth about turning animals into humans and the birth of the first people to the gods.

Orthodox theology considers the fact that the theory of creation does not require any proof. However, there were found some proof of this theory, and the most important of them is the similarity of ancient myths and old legends of different nations that give their versions of human creation. Modern theology was used to prove the theory of creation with the help of the latest scientific data, but most of them do not contradict the evolutionary theory. Certain suggestions of modern theology pull together with the evolutionary theory of creationism. They believe that people descended from apes through gradual modifications, but by God's will and in accordance with the divine program.

The third theory that has a significant number of followers all over the world is the theory of external intervention. According to this approach, the appearance of the humanity on Earth in one way or another is related to the activities of other civilizations. According to one version, this theory believes people are direct descendants of aliens who landed on Earth in prehistoric times. Other more sophisticated versions suggest: the generation of Homo sapiens by genetic engineering; the management of the evolutionary development of life on earth by extraterrestrial forces.

Each of three theories has a right to exist as all of them have specific facts that are related to the real life situations. For example, archeologists have found pieces of a big ship on Mount Ararat that proves the fact of Biblical development of human life on Earth. Numerous researches and biological tests have proved the connection of human nation with the apes. However, this theory has its drawbacks as there are some missing evolution stages in the chain of human development. The fact that human nation was created by some extraterrestrial forces cannot be scientifically proved, although science has a great number of facts about some forms of existence out of Earth. These theories affect the understanding of ultimate reality in different ways. Those who are for the evolutionary theory have made the easiest choice because this theory gives the largest number of proof. God and the Bible became the iconic phenomena for those who tend to believe that there is a dominating power that gives freedom to human beings and has a divine program for their lives. The universe is enormous and life on other planets is also possible; therefore, some people wait for the alien ancestors to come and visit the human nation that was possibly created by them long time ago.

Each theory has its right to be followed by people and scientists would always be interested in finding the ultimate answer to the eternal question why human beings are on Earth and what the purpose of life is.

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