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Thesubway company was started in the 1965 by Fred Deluca. He had finished high school and had a strong ambition of being a medical doctor, unfortunately young Fred did not have any tuition fee therefore could not be able to secure further education to fulfill his dreams. He sought for help from a family friend Dr Peter Buck. Dr Peter suggested an idea of Fred Deluca opening a submarine sandwich shop. Fred had a challenge of where he was to obtain the required capital for investment in the business. He had the idea of using the profit from the investment to fund his education a dream which never came to be (NIEMANN 2010).

Dr Peter Buck provided the starting capital. He gave Fred 1000 U.S dollars to start with. A long lasting relationship began from that point and they became partners. Fred started the business in August the same year in Bridgeport, Connecticut and through his expansion of his business he captured the entire fast food industry. They set a goal of opening further 32 stores within the country for the 10 years that were to follow. Fred while operating the business came to learn a lot of ideas of having well made quality products, offering excellent services to their esteemed customers to serve as motivation, ensuring the operational costs of running the business was minimal and look for other big and strategic locations to expand his business.

In 1974 the duo (Fred and Peter) marked a major step forward; they owned and set 16 more submarine industries that were operational in the Connecticut town. They realized that attaining their set dream of having 32 stores in good time as they had planned earlier would be hard. They therefore decided to venture into franchising and further launching of subway brand in that duration. There was a remarkable growth of their business which boosted their profits. Presently the company celebrates high achievement and it has been classified amongst the biggest business enterprise having opened more than 37,000 locations all over the world (DAVIDSON 2003).

The Subway Company has a social responsibility of providing a variety of great, delicious tasting, healthier foods choices all over the globe. They try to curb the problem of environmental degradation by creating and sensitizing people positively on environment issues. They give environment preservation and conservation a priority. They understand and consider issues that deal with Nutritional leadership. They ensure the kind of foods they offer are healthy. They pay attention on the issue of balanced diet by provision of a well balanced diet food. In addition they have ensured that they provide adequate information about nutritional information to their esteemed customers so as to curb problems of malnutrition and food related complications.

They have played a great role in conservation and protection of the environment. They have achieved this objective through primarily focusing on the nature of their products. They ensure the products and practices they engage themselves in is energy efficient. They ensure water conservation measures are observed, mores especially in the water catchment areas. They conduct regular checks so as to improve on the kind of food they offer to their esteemed customers. They reduce waste stream and provide high quality purified water to their customers. They have ensured sustainable sourcing of their products through establishment of better and safer way of marketing their products. This has been achieved through the use of strict vendor code of conduct which ensures that the quality of the food offered to their customers is of high quality and delicious. The safety measures, standards and precaution which are set are followed and adhered to by Subway Company.

They have the interest of people they serve in mind who are their customers. They believe in nourishing and building a health nation which is one of their agenda. They participate in sponsorship programs of community events and education programs as well as giving donations to support charity events. They participate in local charity and educational institutions events. They participate in collaborations with other civic or charitable organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes United Way and Junior Activities.  They are also partners with the American Red Cross on initiatives of bringing into control sodium reduction. This makes healthy options of individuals better. They participate in cholesterol reduction programs with the American heart association (DAVIDSON 2003).

Their various brands are among the most popular brands in the world. They include chicken and Beckon Ranch, Meatball Marina, sweet onion chicken among others. Also have  menus which do change to fit different dietary needs of consumers, for example, in India they have invested heavily on chicken, turkey and lamb because India as a nation comprises of Muslim community who do not eat pork and the Hindu who do not eat beef because their culture do not allow them to do so. The sandwiches they offer is usually fresh and made to order of the customer. They ensure customers are given with the opportunity of adding or eliminating any other ingredients that they best think of, based on individual dietary needs, tastes and preferences. They have also accommodated reqirements specified in the Americans with Disabilities act (ADA) and ensure they comply with those who have disabilities of any form.

They delight every customer with their delicious food and excellent customer services that they would go and tell others about Subway Company food and services. They have various core values and principles that they operate on: family, where they try as much as they can to build business relationship with others hence establishing firm cordial relationship with them. They also value highly their customers. They also encourage team work where each individual member is given a challenge of ensuring that they succeed in and participate in team work and their workers are accountable for their responsibilities ready to share goals with others and create entrepreneurial opportunities.


Subway Company primary sells include the submarine sandwiches (subs), salads, wraps baked goods (which includes muffins, doughnuts and cookies).The menu of subways company varies depending on the market and the countries they operate in but among the very best foods that sell rate is very high to them Include Tuna, Meatball Marinara, Roasted Chicken, Steak And Cheese, Italian B.M.T and the Chicken Teriyaki. The sandwich that sells best tends to comprise of Ham Saami and Pepperoni where B. M. T initially was an abbreviation for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit which later changed to stand for Biggest, Meatiest and Tastiest.

Subway Company also tends to sell flatbreads English muffins and breakfast sandwiches. In the year 2006 pizzas were sold in large extent in the US markets. Seattle’s Best coffee was a product which was established in 2009 to serve as part of the breakfast menu and n ot all stores have breakfast and pizzas items as part of their breakfast. The variety of products is not the same as the issue of culture is brought into table when finding the kind of meals to be offered in the market as well as the ethnic region a given food is to be sold, for example, in India they have invested heavily on chicken, turkey and lamb because India as a nation comprises of Muslim community who do not eat pork and the Hindu who do not also eat beef.

London Wildlife Trust

Theseare royal society of wildlife trusts also called wildlife trust. It was found in the year 1981, with a primary objective of conservation of the environment and its variety of species both plant and animals species. These depend on the wildlife people both in provision of food and for the purpose of habitation. The trust also aims at protecting London’s wildlife and wild species from becoming extinct as result of various human activities which has resulted to loss of biodiversity. It engages itself in sensitizing the people on the reasons to turn the London’s gardens into mini-nature reserves through provision of education to people making them aware of the significance of environmental conservation. This specifically involves going to various schools within the country through which they educate young children on environmental issues.

They also encourage local groups to work together on the existing reserves and organize talks to create awareness of the parks. They believe that by people being aware of the advantages of conserving plants and animal species then it would be easier for them to protect them than destroy them. There are various environmental forces that are behind the establishment of the wildlife trust and the forces include:


River Crane has been heavily affected by pollution problem on its waters mainly through the disposal of untreated sewage into the river. These has made people to join hands and came up with a wildlife trust that is focused on the better ways of minimizing sewage pollution on River Crane .It collaborated with other organizations like the environmental agency Thames Waters, the Wandle Trust Crane Valley partnership and the Thames Angling Conservancy in achieving its goals.

The sewage pollution has caused a lot of adverse effects on the invertebrates that lived inside the water upon the sewage spill for unsuitable low oxygen concentration water off the river. These resulted to death of a variety of species inside the water. The research carried out and a report was written which showed that it is only the snail species which were able to survive because of their ability to seal their shells when oxygen is plunged or is in very low oxygen concentration that they cannot survive. The Chironomoid midge larvae which can also be able to survive in low oxygen concentrations are also another factor that indicated on the extent of the pollution because Chiromoid midge larvae is able to survive in low oxygen concentrations. Their absence indicated very toxic conditions that no other species will survive on.

These posed a very great challenge in replenishing the invertebrate communities that had got lost as a result of death of the toxic waters. Though they were to restore and replenish the river there was a minimal chance for the fish species and many birds’ species to come back and colonize the area which was affected by pollution of the water.

Present oxygen levels are still in low concentrations and littlerainfall which has exacerbated that situation has managed a very slow movement in the water near the reserve to increase the levels of oxygen in the water and be able to reduce the level of toxicity of the water.

Geo Diversity

Environmental factor of geo diversity has also been neglected in London parks. Geo diversity w is a very important natural resource which tries to protect all the raw materials that cannot be grown. They protect the energy that cannot be generated again or renewed.

Human forces tend to impose a serious challenge on wild animals through creation of pressures and changes to the natural cycles in the environment hence posing a great treat to the modern society. The impact it has created is change of aspect and physical substrates, altitude and topography which in turn provides habitation for bio diversity. Geological process like glacial erosion has resulted to soil erosion and production of varied form of relief features and landforms thus the environment losing its scenic beauty.

Global Warming

The changes that have occurred so far in weather patterns around the wildlife parks and other surrounding regions have indeed caused a great threat to the ecosystem. It has resulted to an increase in flooding in wither and hot spell seasons during the summer. These are likely to pose a threat of exposure of the parks to wetland areas which is likely to be inhabitable and cause a threat of fire outbreak in the wildlife habitats.

Wetter warmer winter could resist to floods which may carry with them the breeding sites and nesting for birds. These would destroy young ones that were about to be hatched.

Habitat and Species Management

The other force behind the establishment of the trust is that they had a goal of protecting various human and plants species from activities that might be posing a great threat and danger to them. This might result to their extinction hence the motive behind the protection of the rare species in London. Failure to put the management practices in place to protect the species would have resulted to the loss of biodiversity which is the loss of the various plants and animal species and geo diversity could have been lost too.

The kind of species that were subject to management were some species of orchids, small blue butterfly, black Redstart, Himalayan Balsam, Peregrine Falcon and giant Hogwod among many others .These species deserved a special attention by the London wildlife trust for they have special needs that cannot be meant by the habitat management only, hence the need to join hands with the wildlife trust fund in London to achieve their common target together. The species are also vulnerable mostly to pollution invasive non native species visitor pressures and pets.

Banking River Conservation

The river is also another environmental force that is compelling the London Wildlife Trust to take an action in preservation of the river bank and sides. This activity was established in river Thames located in London which has got large tracts of land affected by post industrial effects. Their landscapes were majorly associated with a landfill site, disposal of pulverized fuel ash, small scale industrial uses and a former power station that was located just near the river Theme.

The major target of London Wildlife Trust is to work together with the Barking Riverside Ltd with the objective of creating and providing chances of community landscapes preservation, new homes and an open space so as to give protection of species in the area. During the construction process they were protecting very sensitive ecological habitat and also ensuring creation of wildlife habitats on the site. The earlier industrialization process and power generation plant had resulted to loss of many plant and animal species. These made the Wildlife trust to come in to protect the endangered species.

Creation of Cool Environment for People to Live

Effects on the environmental as a result of destruction of the ozone layer through the emission of the CFC into the environment have generally resulted to rise of temperature of the earth. The regulation of the environmental temperature began through the establishment of regulatory measures to curb the problem of global warming. The high temperatures tend to create habitats that are subject to aridity turning the entire area inhabitable by both the human and plant species.

Strategies Put In Place to Minimize the Effects

There are various strategies that have been employed by the London wildlife trust in the implementation of its policies to curb the emerging environmental issues. The trust is not alone as it has received a hand of cooperation to work together with the government, non-governmental organization and some volunteers who have decided to help in protection of the environment .The execution of the orders is not such easy for it has meant obstacles and threats that they have to overcome first and they include:

Incorporation of grass roofs and walls during the construction, river restoration minimizing loss of species living in the water, through these urban greening mechanisms will bring to a halt of rising temperatures. Planting of trees around the capital of London to absorb carbon IV oxide gas and regulate the environmental temperature. The Carbon IV Oxide has been responsible for the rapid temperature rise on the environment and bringing it under control would mean a reduction of the earth’s temperature.

Pollution has been controlled through establishment of strict measure against the disposal of untreated sewage into the river water which reduces concentrations of oxygen inside the water. London Wildlife Trust has ensured that industries that discharge their waste products into the river have ensured that the waste products are not toxic and have been treated before being discharged. The litter traps have been put into place to get hold and trap litters and other floating objects and prevent them from moving down the stream. The floating litter that has been trapped is removed later.

Campaigns have been put into effect to create awareness and sensitize people on the need of conserving and keeping the environment clean, protecting wild animals and avoid illegal practices like poaching. The trust believes that by people being aware of the significance of conserving and protecting the wildlife species, it would be easier to them to offer great assistance to the Wildlife Trust by avoiding activities that will result to pollution. Establishment of management practices ensuring protection of rare species hence avoiding the problem of extinction. Laws should be established against the hunting of the rare species and anyone caught to serve an imprisonment term, be fined or both of them. The wildlife guards should be increased to make the work of guarding and protecting the wildlife species easier through increased manpower (NIEMANN 2010).

Through outdoor activities like engaging the people and visiting the parks to make people realize the essence of protecting the scenic beauty of the environment. Through outdoor education activities of visiting the student in high schools have also minimized pollution of the environment. The children in schools should be made aware of resources within their country and be given reasons on why they should safeguard their natural resources from extinction.

The London Wildlife Trust has met many challenges but they have managed to overcome most of them and continue in realizing their goals. Insufficient funds to keep the trust going, these have been solved through the getting assistance from donors and grants from the government and nongovernmental organization. These funds have facilitated the wildlife Trust to carry out its day to day activities effectively. Misuse of resources of the trust  both human and physical resources by some individuals. These has been brought into control by overseeing and monitoring of the activities done by the members of the trust. Some individual fail to cooperate full of the organization duly signed duties that have been effectively delegated to them by the management. The organization has tried to solve the problem through employment of willing and competent staff to solve these problems (NIEMANN 2010).

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