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The Dwarf

Sep 14, 2017 in Literature

What is the ultimate cause of the poverty the workers face?

The setting in The Dwarf is the period in the 1960s, post-war times. South Korea suffered intense loss of infrastructures and of people. The Korean War (1950-1953) left the country devastated, killing and injuring millions of people and scaring the survivors. And like any war, it left the economics of South Korea in ruins. In the book, the central problem is the forced modernization that crippled the poor and the weak like the protagonist of the story. It was the country’s only method of coping with the post-war problems in economy. Modernization was forced at the expense of the oppressed, leaving them even poorer and weaker than before.

What determines the fate of the characters?

The diminished state of the plot tells so much about the development of the characters in the book. As more and more residences are seized, the characters, even the healthy and the richer ones are pushed into sadness, illness, despair and hopelessness. The people are driven out of the only place they call their home. This caused such a devastating effect on them. In the end, the protagonist died, his son became a murderer, and his daughter became a concubine. The rest of the characters suffered the same psychological, emotional, physical and social brokenness.

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