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The Changing American Family

Sep 14, 2017 in Consideration

In the past, women used to be caretakers and maintainers of households while men used to work to generate income for the family, unlike the situation which has occurred today, where both women and men work for income. Women are agitating for equal rights and power in all aspects in life unlike it was 15 years ago when they had their own roles to perform in the family like child-bearing and housekeeping. Men were accountable for leadership and decision making. (Wiseman, 2008).

Nowadays, women work for their own self-sufficiency and do not consider the traditional beliefs such as childbearing and marriage as women’s roles. They depend on income for security and status while men’s employment has declined and they are crossing over to roles such as child care unlike it was in the past. The society is now adjusting to the reality that to meet the demands of family care physically and emotionally is extremely difficult and cannot be left to a working woman alone, (Fraser, n.d).

According to the feminist theory, women rely on their relationships with other women for development, while in the symbolic interaction theory, individuals rely on the various sources, they derive from their relationships with each other. In addition, the conflict theory states that individuals pursue different interests in the society and are in constant competition for resources (Ritzer, 2003).

The items that apply the most for today’s families

  • Women are still holding on to their roles in the households, they are still the main caretakers.
  • Women increasingly seek for employment, security and status unlike in the past.
  • Women are more sensitive to their rights and power in the society and in relationships.
  • Giving birth to and raising children is becoming optional today.
  • There is less time spent with children and less leisure hours.
  • More women are turning down the prospects of marriage life and motherhood.

In conclusion, the world is changing in terms of gender sensitivity, where men and women are actively undertaking jobs which were initially made for a particular gender group. Women are looking for employment, power and prestige as the men do. However, women have proved that they can perform any task perfectly and efficiently.  

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