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Overcoming Tribulations

Sep 14, 2017 in Consideration

We encounter various difficulties in our daily lives: at home, school or at the workplace. Dealing with these difficulties is one of the greatest challenges, and most of us look to different things to help us manage and cope. As Christians, we know that prayer is a powerful tool to help us maintain our personal relationship with God. However, we can also look into the Scriptures for help. Paul sets a good example, for instance; addressing to him for inspiration would help us find strength to deal with hardships we encounter along the way. The Apostle Paul’s mission was to preach the Gospel and establish the Christian faith in various communities in different parts of the world. Paul was highly celebrated even until today because of his courage, strength, and influence on the Christian community. Paul’s flourishing missionary work was not without incident. In 2 Corinthians, we would read about the hardships that Paul experienced while he was trying to accomplish his mission. Nevertheless, despite the pain and anguish that he experienced due to the grueling travels he went through and while being in the hands of his persecutors, Paul never gave up. In his writing, he did not dwell on his bad experiences but on what he learned and how he remained steadfast throughout it all (Saphir, 1870). According to Schnelle (2005), “Through numerous troubles and suffering, the apostle’s patient endurance remains steadfast by ‘truthful speech, and the power of God; with the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and for the left; in honor and dishonor, in ill repute and good repute” (p. 247).

We must deal with tribulations in our life just as the Apostle Paul did. Not only do we need to acknowledge the fact that the challenges we face today are little compared to what Paul had gone through or what Jesus Christ sacrificed, for that matter, but we also need to look at them for inspiration. One of the most important things that Paul taught us is that at the face of hardship, we must draw strength from Jesus Christ. “Apostle Paul declared boldly that he could do all things through Christ that strengthens him” (Fayefunmi, 2011, p. 151). Furthermore, Paul attests that drawing strength from Christ is important, because we are human beings and our determination is limited; yet if we look to Christ for strength, we would be able to endure the hardships that we may go through in life. Paul also stressed the importance of drawing wisdom from the Bible. From time to time, we have troubles in our lives; it is normal that these challenges would make us question our existence. Hardships sometimes distort our view, and we fail to see things clearly. Reading the Bible would help us find direction again because then we would be reminded not only about the grace of God, the sacrifices of Jesus Christ, and the wisdom that Paul imparted for his brethren, but also of the truth – of why we are here and what we must do to live a fulfilling life (Gulino, 2012; Wiersbe, 2003).

If we learn to deal with hardships in the Christian way, we would be able to build our strength and determination knowing that we can do everything with Jesus Christ in our life by living the Christian faith. We would become resilient and when we overcome these hardships, we can move towards the future as strong individuals who are capable of fulfilling their life purpose based on the dictates of God.

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