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Leaders and Followers

Sep 14, 2017 in Consideration

Many individuals are mistaken about leaders and their followers by separating them. It is vital to understand that there is a close collaborative relationship between the two groups. Followership is critical to leadership.

In personal experience, every person plays the role of a follower to support somebody else no matter what is his/her position in a company. In business, followers should be effective and helpful for their leaders to succeed. If they are independent and active, they will be more effective and helpful. Followers who are closed to their front-runners can lead to failure of leadership. Perception of followers from different states can also be a barrier to leadership when foreign followers wrongly understand the behavior of leader who is from the original country. This is so-called cultural disparity, which shows that cultural values play a considerable role in the relationship between followers and leader. Thus, the follower’s role makes a significant contribution to the process of leadership. 

On the other hand, leaders need to develop their listening and communication skills in order to move from empowerment to authorship. As it was observed, staff in the organization recognizes that the procedures and policies apply equally to all: violations are punished, and enforcement is rewarded. When a leader does not reflect this point, the committing and credulous relations between him/her and followers are broken. Therefore, leaders also influence the behavior of their followers.

From past experience, the creation of partnership atmosphere is frequently not given high importance. Though, the assumption that the leader should prevail puts the leader-follower relationship at risk. The reason is that leader’s openness decreases, and followers’ healthy disagreement is lost. Afterwards, the problem-solving process becomes suppressed. That is why the leader must create such an environment in which maintenance and tasks are balanced.

The real life situations demonstrate that the interplay between leaders and followers is obvious, and it is essential for ones and others to comprehend its meaning.

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