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Heroes and Celebrities

Sep 14, 2017 in Consideration

When discussing popular culture, it should be noted that it is based on certain patterns, which are replicated to create cultural concepts. The concepts of hero and celebrity are quite common in today's culture, and they are often confused. Yet, there is a difference in their meaning and social value, as well as the message they convey. Thus, when we speak about heroes, we usually mean that they are role models of people who have made significant contribution by being morally outstanding in some way. Being a hero requires specific traits like courage, self-sacrifice, etc. The people who are called heroes are usually praised for self-denial for the sake of other people's good. Or, they give an example of dignity under circumstances, which would be unbearable for most people. Thus, for instance, a person like Nick Vujicic, who manages to live a full and worthy life without limbs, and motivate other people to do so, can be called a hero. At the same time, he is simultaneously a celebrity because of publicity. Yet, while heroes can be famous, not all celebrities can be named heroes, since they are admired for different reasons. In order to be a celebrity, it does not take a superhuman abilities or moral principles, but rather a charisma, beauty (according to socially accepted standards), and talent in some cases. Celebrities are rather embodiment of social dreams of fame and fortune than goodness and heroism. Because life of celebrities looks like a fairytale to many people, it appears that their distance from common people is the main factor of their fame. Heroes can become legends, yet in most cases their heroism is real, while being a celebrity is about the image, which can be different from their real personality. Both celebrities and heroes are result of social nature of humans, as they need examples to follow, yet heroes work more like moral guides and celebrities deal with entertainment.

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