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Guardian Angels

Sep 14, 2017 in Consideration

When hearing a phrase "guarding angel", most people will probably associate it with Christianity. Although the idea of angels is very common in Judaism, there are people who believe that every person on our planet has his or her own guardian angel regardless of their religion and beliefs. Moreover, a guardian angel never leaves a person, even if he or she does not believe in anything at all. This is a heavenly gift and it is the epitome of unconditioned love.

The religious thought about angels dates back to the 5th century CE (Ellis-Christensen). In general, it is believed that a human being receives an angel right after becoming corporeal. There exists some confusion, though, as to which of the angels is supposed to be the guardian, for there are several rankings of them in Christianity. Interestingly, one might lose his or her angel living a sinful life. Some also think that guardian angels only protect children and leave them when they become adults. No matter which of these ideas is true, guardian angels come on earth to protect people when they really need this. They are also the messengers through which a person can communicate with God.

No matter how strong someone's faith is, they will always look for a proof. Some people argue that they are lucky enough to have met their guardian angels usually during a near-death experience. Many of them claim that their angels were not strange heavenly creatures, but their deceased relatives no one knows us better, and consequently, they can always support us in need. This idea also sounds very comforting, because it means that one will meet his or her nearest and dearest hereafter.

To sum up, guardian angels are the mysterious creatures which accompany people through life. Although they are supposed to be sent here by God, one does not necessarily have to be a religious person to have an angel next to him. They might be unknown heavenly creatures or our deceased relatives, but they obviously are designed to love and protect people.

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